Staying safe with a smile

Make safe, affordable equal access mask for everyone so that we can comunicate clearly. From service workers, comfort seeker, and more. 


I'm Leala Lierman, the founder, designer and sole owner of Nevada Smiles. I am a Northern Nevada resident with congenital hearing loss. When mask were mandated for safety, I was reminded how hard communication can be for those of us with communication differences.


I wear hearing aids, rely heavily on lip and speech read, and communicate in English or American Sign Language. Visual access to someone's mouth and expression is crucial for my communication comprehension. I know that I'm not alone in this problem, so I set out to find a solution, thus founding Nevada Smiles.

How our masks are different?

Our masks are designed to help people with disabilities hear, see and communicate better in this crazy time. From frog proof masks for glasses to masks with clear windows in front to help with lip reading for the hearing impared. We want to make sure everyone has equal access!

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