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Does the window fog?

Unlike most see-through masks, the window on Nevada Smiles Equal Access Masks do not fog because we have developed (and include with every order) an all-natural proprietary blend anti-fog. You will accumulate condensation. However, use the provided roller bottle to apply the anti-fog generously.  Your communication access window will remain see-through.  We recommend drying the window and reapplying the anti-fog every 1-3 hours or as needed.


Do you offer bulk discounts?
We sure do!  We offer bulk discounts on an individual basis.  We encourage you to reach out to our owner, Leala Lierman, directly at  She deals directly with all order and is happy to assist.

Do you have custom masks available?
Absolutely!  We are happy to design custom masks for you or your company using your logo or other concept.  Custom fabric masks take a bit longer to design and manufacture so please plan for 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the order.  Please email our owner, Leala Lierman, at  Pricing will vary depending on the complexity of the design and size of order.

Do you offer kids' or other sizes?

While we do not offer different sizes, our masks are designed to fit a variety of face sizes and shapes.  The elastic ear straps come with adjustable toggles, and the straps are sewn through the side of every mask to provide an adjustable side-scrunch.  The metal nose piece runs the entirety of the mask allowing for a customizable contoured fit.  We have happy customers that are 6'+ tall football players and children young as 6 and 7-years-old who are comfortable in our masks.  If you purchase a mask and it does not fit you, send us a picture and we will solve the problem or return your money.

I prefer the behind the head straps; do you offer that style?

We do offer masks with behind the head adjustable elastic straps.  These may be ideal for individuals with glasses and hearing aids.  Please email our owner directly at for inquiries.


My glasses fog with most masks; are yours any better?

Yes!  A number of our customers wear our masks with glasses for long periods of time.  Our masks are designed with a nose section defined by a metal nose piece and separating seam.  This allows individuals to set their  glasses on their nose while eliminating the gap that causes glasses to fog.


Where and how are Nevada Smiles Equal Access masks made?

Our masks are individually handmade in Reno, Nevada.  Our team consists of a single owner and two independent sewing contractors.  Our contractors are free to work from home as they please and are compensated per mask resulting in an average hourly that is 2-3x minimum wage.  As often as possible, materials are sourced from local small businesses such as Mill Ends Fabrics.


Are they machine washable?

Yes!  Are masks are machine washable!  ouble click me to add your own content and make changes to the font.

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